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The Legacy Center 
3015 RN Martin St, East Point, GA 30344

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Our Location

About The Legacy Center

Funded by The Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF), the first 100 percent black-owned Tier 2 Real Estate Crowd Fund in Atlanta, The Legacy Center was the first acquisition of TREF with a mission to enhance the individual lives and circle commerce in our community by providing affordable access to capital, real estate curriculum, financial literacy programs/coaching, career resources, premium co-working facilities, art and studio space, back-office essentials, business incubator and more. The Legacy Center Campus is the only building in the qualified opportunity zone of East Point, Georgia that is community owned by 14,240 individuals.

Designed to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Legacy Center, also known as “The Black House,” serves as a home for community, and creatives. Where visionaries can bring their projects to life by utilizing our modern spaces. The Legacy Center has launched several impactful community initiatives such as its highly respected Big Brothers Anonymous Mentorship program for boys and men of color, ages 12-24, which has recently partnered with the Obama Foundation and the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. ​ 


In addition to the signature resources and programs offered, the Legacy Center’s award-winning interior design, is fast becoming a go-to destination for private events, corporate meetings, weddings, and productions  in Atlanta.

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